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Gemstone - Tigers Eye
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Gemstone - Tigers Eye

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 A member of the quartz family of crystals, tiger's eye is a beautiful gemstone found in the United States, Mexico, India, Australia, and Africa. In its natural form it is slightly shiny with fibrous bands of reds, browns, yellows, and golds. Although often appearing with more earthy hues, there are red tiger's eye and blue tiger's eye stones as well. 

Tiger eye points toward practicality and increases the presence of spirit. It also increases concentration, balances the jin and jang energy as well as the left and right brain hemisphere. This stone supports the soul and gives it a sense of security. It is considered to be a guarding stone of proper grounding. Tigers eye enhances the power of will and brings prosperity, very often in the most direct way - in form of material values. It can help in seeing things as they really are, without any illusions. 

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